EXPAND Meeting Solutions

As virtual communication becomes increasingly important for businesses around the world, the quality and reliability of audio devices is more essential than ever. We created the EXPAND Line of premium audio tools specially to address the needs of decentralized teams, often working across locations and time zones.
Whether in huddle spaces, small to mid-sized meeting rooms or in meetings on-the-go, every model in the EXPAND Line is designed and crafted to for clear conversation, ease-of-use and perfect connectivity with all your devices.
Thanks to enhanced voice pickup and superior speaker sound, everyone on conference calls can participate and engage with the same confidence and clarity as being there in person. By enhancing communication between your colleagues – and customers – the EXPAND Line gives you the tools you need for seamless collaboration.

Connect with your world

Some meetings simply can’t wait. With the EXPAND Line, your team can set up conference calls seamlessly and instantly, with easy-to-connect speakerphones that are simple and intuitive to manage, and configure themselves automatically with all your devices. EPOS craftsmanship is known around the world for quality, reliability, and superior materials – built into sleek and compact designs that perfect the essentials, without any unnecessary parts or buttons.

Designed for personal and shared use, at the office and on-the-go, the EXPAND Line gives you the freedom to turn any space into a hassle-free virtual meeting room, anywhere in the world. Every solution in the EXPAND Line is portable and exceptionally easy to use, designed and crafted to perfection with best-in-class voice pickup, guaranteeing outstanding sound for you, your team, and your customers.

The facts EXPAND

  • For the 69%* of office workers who use a headset or speakerphone for conference calls, seamless collaboration is vital. Which is exactly why we created the EXPAND Line.
  • We know that 59%* of workers use an audio solution every single day, so we created this line to be of the best quality and reliability out there.
  • Because 37%* of every day collaborators spend more than half their time away from their desk, the EXPAND Line is designed and crafted for flexibility, ease-of-use and perfect connectivity with all devices.

Key benefits & features

  • Instant conferencing. Anywhere
    With the lightweight design, choice of Bluetooth® or USB-C plug-n-play and multi-point connectivity with up to three devices and one-touch access to Voice Assistant / Microsoft Teams
  • Exceptional audio performance for conference calls, music and multimedia
    With EPOS VoiceTM technology, ultra-low distortion speaker and echo and noise-cancelling microphones supported by highly advanced DSP algorithms
  • Natural conversation experience
    With industry-leading duplex performance that allows simultaneous speak
  • Crafted for perfection With premium materials, convenient cable winding and safe dongle storage
  • Choice of manual or automatic reconnection
    Provides an optimal user experience in both personal and shared mode

Key benefits & features

  • Experience plug-n-play conferencing anywhere
    With compact, lightweight design, choice of USB or 3.5 mm jack and up to 20 hours of talk time
  • Get premium sound for better meetings
    EPOS quality sound, duplex performance and echo cancellation for natural conversations  without straining your voice
  • Personal or small group conference calls
    Easy to take with you on-the-go for personal use
    or place in smaller meeting rooms
  • Enjoy high-quality design
    That looks as good as it sounds and is crafted to
    perfection with high-quality materials
  • As easy as it gets
    With an intuitive user interface – simply connect to your PC/softphone, mobile phone or tablet and you are ready to talk